Starbucks in Shanghai no longer offers milk!

Starbucks has quietly rang in a new policy for the Chinese new year: no milk is offered to customers at the service counter. You can still add sugar, but if you want milk (either fresh milk or UHT milk in those little containers), you will need to ask for it like a common pauper. And it will be added to your cup by a barista, not you!

This from a company that has been called out for charging more in China than anywhere else for coffee.  Just last month, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said he was “bullish” on China.  Newsflash, Mr. Schultz: coffee drinkers want cow’s milk, not bull’s shit.  Yes, I’m seeing red and huffing like an angry bull, bad puns and all.

Does anyone know if this is a country-wide change or just in the Shanghai region?

2 Replies to “Starbucks in Shanghai no longer offers milk!”

  1. Why are you drinking Starbucks? This is not 2006. There are other alternatives in China offering much better coffee at much better rates.

    I take my coffee at the nearby Shangrila Lobby Bar. RMB 25 for a cup of coffee with a biscuit and a pianist playing jazz.

    You also don’t need to stand in line like a commoner. Also make sure to get the Golden Circle Card. I have almost saved enough points to get a free night at the hotel; just from drinking coffee!

  2. I’m a big coffee chain kind of guy. In Shanghai, the options are Starbucks, Costa and perhaps still Coffee Bean (not sure if they shut down). Overall Starbucks does something that very few restaurants in China can – provide consistent and good service. Hai Di Lao (the hotpot chain) would be the other. As a coffee addict, I don’t want any BS when it comes to getting my coffee right. Yes there are alternatives to Starbucks, including a number of decent independent roasters that serve better coffee at better prices, BUT no one matches Starbucks network coverage.

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