North Gate-Gate

The neighborhood I live in was pretty remote before the Line 5 subway was built. Since my building was finished in 2006 or 2007 and the subway line opened in September 2007, it’s safe to say that the building was built in response to the newly available subway. All of which makes it puzzling why the north gate is closed.

Here’s my building:

When I moved in, both the north and east gates were open and in use. At night the north gate was often kept almost closed, so that only pedestrians could fit through and cars had to go through the east gate. Fair enough. But after a couple of years, the north gate was locked shut without warning. I asked the wuye about it and was told that there wasn’t enough money to keep a guard posted there.

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Guide to Stereotypical Asian Parenting

Reading “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” makes one’s head spin.

The thousands of comments are even better: some expressing admiration, but most in shock that a Yale professor, or any sane person, actually believes in this sort of parenting. Instead of the Chinese patriots who overwhelm the comments sections of other China-related articles, this time we hear from Chinese-American and other Asian American grown-ups who endured this kind of childhood. Unsurprisingly, most didn’t enjoy it too much.

China Truck Racing: The Spirit of Rhinos

Today I got my first taste of China Truck Racing. It was awesome.

This was the first I had heard of this sport, though its official site claims it has been around since 2003. The competition was shown on CCTV-5, which, despite being China’s flagship sports channel, wastes so much programming time on sports-related talk shows, game shows, and historical profiles that getting to see an actual competition feels like a minor victory.

Two trucks race around a dirt course, roaring over small hills, splashing into pools of muddy water, and rumbling over rocky patches. It’s essentially motocross with the motorcycles replaced by trucks. The trucks are from the family of  mid-sized blue trucks most commonly seen in China. Continue reading “China Truck Racing: The Spirit of Rhinos”

Not Leaving on a Jet Plane

Text I just received from ODB, who’s at the Beijing airport getting ready to fly to Shenzhen:

7:10pm: Sitting on the plane for over an hour now. Pilot’s last message: “Ladies and gentlemen, we have finally been cleared for takeoff. However, the car that was supposed to push us back has disappeared. I will try to contact the tower.”

UPDATE 7:15:

Last message: “Ladies and gentlemen, the tow truck arrived and disappeared again. This is not an organized airport. I apologize.”

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