Re-train China’s Olympians as First Responders

I was working from home today. Around 5pm I got on my bike to ride into the city, only to discover a flat tire. Walked outside to have it fixed and saw five or six people standing around the entrance next to mine. They were looking at a young woman lying on the ground, badly injured and almost naked.

Her arms were covered in abrasions, and she had a two-inch gash along the left side of her head. Her face was swollen and looked to have some yellowish bruises. Her lips were too red, as if from blood rather than lipstick.

She rolled slowly back and forth on the pavement, but she said nothing and her eyes were closed. Clearly out of it, though, as her dress or nightie was tangled into a small ball around her chest, leaving her covered only by a bra and stockings. Continue reading “Re-train China’s Olympians as First Responders”

Cold Call Olympic Recruitment?

Just received the following call:

Hello, sir, I am calling from the National Olympic Sports Center (国家奥体中心). Do you have any 5 to 16 year old children in your household?

I said no, and he immediately hung up. Now I wish I had kept him on the line a bit longer. If he wasn’t from NOSC (and I don’t think he was), then what was he trying to do? Promote some sports activity for kids? Conduct a survey? Or maybe just identify mobile numbers of parents with kids in that age range? Continue reading “Cold Call Olympic Recruitment?” Website Makes Us All Lose Face

SHtig pointed out recently that the website has badly misaligned the team logos and their corresponding links. It seems that the rectangle of space for each link is slightly wider than the actual logo. As long as you’re a Bills, “Dolphines”, or Patriots fan, you won’t have a problem finding your team. After that it gets messy. SHTig’s beloved Ravens logo links to the Jets page, and you have to click on the Bengals logo to get to the Ravens page.

It’s worst for the AFC North, where most of the logos link to a division rival. Same for the Titans (link goes to Colts) and Jets (link goes to Pats). Continue reading “ Website Makes Us All Lose Face”

China Truck Racing: The Spirit of Rhinos

Today I got my first taste of China Truck Racing. It was awesome.

This was the first I had heard of this sport, though its official site claims it has been around since 2003. The competition was shown on CCTV-5, which, despite being China’s flagship sports channel, wastes so much programming time on sports-related talk shows, game shows, and historical profiles that getting to see an actual competition feels like a minor victory.

Two trucks race around a dirt course, roaring over small hills, splashing into pools of muddy water, and rumbling over rocky patches. It’s essentially motocross with the motorcycles replaced by trucks. The trucks are from the family of  mid-sized blue trucks most commonly seen in China. Continue reading “China Truck Racing: The Spirit of Rhinos”

A Real Chinese Fire Drill

I witnessed my first authentic Chinese fire drill when riding out of my apartment complex this morning. The basic form was the same as I have seen back home: A white Volkswagen Jetta was stopped in the intersection where the street meets the side road of the Third Ring Road. The driver got out, followed by the front seat passenger and then a back seat passenger. Each of them walked around the car and re-entered in a different seat. The car then drove away.

But just like the “Chinese food” in America that bears little resemblance to the wide range of fare available here, a real Chinese drill is a far more nuanced and complex performance in its homeland: Continue reading “A Real Chinese Fire Drill”