Thank You, China Mobile, for Belatedly Notifying Me of Osama Bin Laden’s Death

This SMS came in at 2:59pm on Monday, May 2:

新闻早晚报快讯:美国总统奥巴马1日表示,美军方当天对巴基斯坦一所建筑发动袭击, 打死了“基地”组织领导本·拉丹,并对其尸体进行了确认。新华社

News Alert: On May 1st, United States President Obama said that earlier in the day U.S. military forces had attacked a building in Pakistan, killing Al Qaeda leader bin Laden and confirming the identity of his corpse. Xinhua News Agency

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Guide to Stereotypical Asian Parenting

Reading “Why Chinese Mothers are Superior” makes one’s head spin.

The thousands of comments are even better: some expressing admiration, but most in shock that a Yale professor, or any sane person, actually believes in this sort of parenting. Instead of the Chinese patriots who overwhelm the comments sections of other China-related articles, this time we hear from Chinese-American and other Asian American grown-ups who endured this kind of childhood. Unsurprisingly, most didn’t enjoy it too much. Website Makes Us All Lose Face

SHtig pointed out recently that the website has badly misaligned the team logos and their corresponding links. It seems that the rectangle of space for each link is slightly wider than the actual logo. As long as you’re a Bills, “Dolphines”, or Patriots fan, you won’t have a problem finding your team. After that it gets messy. SHTig’s beloved Ravens logo links to the Jets page, and you have to click on the Bengals logo to get to the Ravens page.

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Wuhan Update, December 2010

Arrived at Hankou train station this morning. The plaza and roads in front of the station are a mess, though the new facade, designed to look like old European buildings in the concession area, is an improvement over the old Social Realist look.

Spent at least half an hour in the taxi from the train station to Jianghan Lu, by far the longest that trip has ever taken. Total cost: 21 RMB. Continue reading “Wuhan Update, December 2010”

2010 NBA All-Star Weekend: BTV 6, Dwyane Wade, and the Haiti Earthquake

I’m watching the NBA 2010 All-Star Weekend festivities right now on BTV 6, Beijing’s sports channel. (CCTV 5 would probably have this in other years, but today it’s showing the Winter Olympics.) After Steve Nash won the skills competition, Dwyane Wade stepped to center court and gave a short speech asking people to contribute to relief efforts for the Haiti earthquake. At the end he said, “And now please listen to this special message from former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.”

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We are Chinese. Love Us, and Make Us Powerful


ODB just passed along a great interview from the new English language edition of China’s Global Times newspaper. GT’s Lu Jingxian talks with Jack Rosen, chairman of the American Jewish Congress and American Council for World Jewry. (It’s unclear whether or not Mr. Rosen is related to the well-known Dr. Rosen in Los Angeles.)

The tone of the interview reminds me of countless conversations I have had on politics here in China. The Chinese interviewer gets right to the point with a blunt statement and question:

American Jews are known for their formidable lobbying power in the US. How is this accomplished?

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