China’s Earthquake

It’s now 5:30pm in China.  The 7.8 earthquake with an epicenter in Wenchuan, Sichuan province that struck at 2:28pm is being reported on local TV and the internet.  While State media is reporting that Premier Wen Jiabao is headed to the area and that emergency aid is being sent, and that Hu Jintao has said the injured must be helped immediately.  However there have been no reports of injuries or deaths.  Television reporters on CCTV9, the Chinese language news channel, have not even mentioned the possibility of casualties.  They are currently doing interviews with reporters around the country, but have not been able to reach any reporters near the area of Wenchuan.

My friend in Shanghai from Shaanxi Province (which borders Sichuan) called a friend in Shaanxi.  The friend said that students in Shaanxi have been hospitalized due to falling debris in their school.  My friend in Shanghai from Sichuan has been calling Sichuan but Continue reading “China’s Earthquake”