Chinese Appreciative of George Bush and America

Chinese netizens express overwhelming thanks and appreciation to the Bushes and the United States

Today George W. Bush and his wife are very popular people in China.  That’s not something you’ll read very often.   And all it took them was a short trip from Pennsylvania Avenue down to the Chinese Embassay in Washington, to mourn the vicitms and sign a book of condolensces in memory of the Sichuan earthquake victims.

To see the American president bow his head in mourning (吊唁) to the victims plays exceedingly well to a prestige conscious culture that has felt slighted lately. So far, nearly 1800 comments have been posted to this story (in Chinese).


The comments are very interesting – I’d say 90% of them are positive toward President Bush, his wife, and Americans!  This is unlike what one usually finds in the Chinese Continue reading “Chinese Appreciative of George Bush and America”