Hu Jintao Goes Online


President HU Jintao went onto the People’s Net Powerful Nation Forum (人民网强国论坛) to answer some questions from China’s netizens. He only stayed to answer a few questions, telling netizens that he typically gets online in the morning to check domestic and international news. In the Chinese media’s typical provincial way, Hu was sure to say “The People’s Net Powerful Nation Forum is one of the sites that I must read on a regular basis”.

The only semi interesting question was whether he reads the massive amounts of comments from Chinese netizens. Hu said that yes they do, that national policy is formulated on what the people need and think, and that the net is one way to understand the people, so it is an important channel.

Good answer. So if you like to understand the people, Mr. Hu, I’d like to know why so many domestic and international websites are then blocked? Especially stuff about Teabet and Tiewon. Oh and porn too. Let me know next time you’re online and I’ll ask.