We are Chinese. Love Us, and Make Us Powerful


ODB just passed along a great interview from the new English language edition of China’s Global Times newspaper. GT’s Lu Jingxian talks with Jack Rosen, chairman of the American Jewish Congress and American Council for World Jewry. (It’s unclear whether or not Mr. Rosen is related to the well-known Dr. Rosen in Los Angeles.)

The tone of the interview reminds me of countless conversations I have had on politics here in China. The Chinese interviewer gets right to the point with a blunt statement and question:

American Jews are known for their formidable lobbying power in the US. How is this accomplished?

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China Radio International, now in Ivrit!


Mazel Tov! China Radio International has just launched its Hebrew site: hebrew.cri.cn.  The site is completely in Hebrew and is part of CRI’s plan to represent China in as many languages as possible. The Hebrew site is run by two Israelis and three Hebrew-speaking Chinese nationals.

Now if there was only a Chinese version of Galei Tzahal