The Dragon and the Bug

Just saw this for the first time, though I’m told it has been around for years:

Going by the common Chinese designations, China is the “dragon” and Japan is the “bug”. We will eat you and make you disappear.

But you are what you eat, and China does consume much of Japan’s fashion, entertainment, and popular culture. (It also draws heavily from Korea, itself raised on a heavy diet of “bugs”.) Continue reading “The Dragon and the Bug”

Japanese girls want to marry Chinese

If you are one of the 1500 lucky ladies mentioned in the story, TFF would love to hear from you….

Nowadays, there is a popular saying among Japanese girls that goes “What we want is Chinese food and men, not French lovers or American houses.” This means Japanese girls have lost their interest in French and American men. In Japan, men from China are becoming more popular with Japanese girls….

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