America Caused Myanmar’s Cyclone and China’s Earthquake

This article (没有证据表明中国四川大地震是美国的地球物理武器的作用, “No proof that America’s global geophysical weapons are the cause of the earthquake in Sichuan, China”) is all over the Chinese blogs. Despite the title, its thesis is that you need to open your mind to accept the possibility that the US is using unconventional weapon technology to make the cyclone in Myanmar (Burma), the snowstorm of February 2008 in China, and now the earthquake of May 2008 in Sichuan China. It postulates that only an advanced country like the US would be able to pull something like this off (though noting that dispersted Soviet scientists could do it too, and could be used by states like India, but ultimately concludes that it was the US). The article says it’s easy to understand why the US would want this – the earthquake would destroy Chengdu’s Xichang Satellite Launch Center, destroy Chengdu’s Aircraft Corporate, destroy the weapons program in Tibet and cause unrest in Tibet, would destroy many plants located in Sichuan, and would lower the global price of oil (by reducing China’s demand), would weaken China’s relations with Southeast Asian neighbors, etc.

SH Tig Adds: Update of 16May2008 – I see Sina took that article down. It is still findable elsewhere if you use the above Chinese characters in your search string.